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Why running and the environment go hand in hand

It’s no surprise that environmental matters and physical activity can go hand in hand. Putting on the runners and getting out to a place with some trees and fresh air can go a long way. You can help yourself by elevating your heart rate and exercising your body while also benefiting from everything the outdoors can offer - vitamin D from the sun, peace and serenity from the air and surrounding foliage, and maybe even some moisture from the rain.

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Nature Deficit Disorder: The plight of the next generation of environmentalists.

I was at a conference recently when someone asked me how I came to be interested in environmental and sustainability issues. The run-of-the-mill answers came to mind: a course I took in university, jarring news stories about environmental destruction and the alarming statistics about climate change. While all of these answers are true, they are not the real reason I became interested in these issues.

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