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Graham May is Canada's top environmentalist under 25!

Ask most undergrads what they have been up to in the past year and you are likely to hear stories about crazy nights at the bar or epic study sessions. If you pin-down a real go-getter you might learn about their involvement in community groups promoting causes they believe in. Ask the same question of Graham May, The Starfish Canada’s number one environmentalist under the age of 25, and your jaw will punch a hole through to your downstairs neighbour’s living room.

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Pipeline politics, risk management, and why humpback whales are still threatened

In a new letter published in the journal Science, my co-author Juan Jose Alava and I question the downlisting of humpback whales on Canada’s Species-At-Risk Act from ‘Threatened’ to a ‘Species of Special Concern’. The decision to downlist humpbacks occurred immediately prior to the federal government’s approval of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project. The National Energy Board’s decision contained 209 provisions for Enbridge, including conditions related to marine mammals.

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Beyond Boarding's Tamo Campos is the Top Environmentalist Under 25!

This year, the Starfish Canada is pleased to name Tamo Campos our Top Environmentalist under 25. Regardless of his family ties to David Suzuki, Tamo has made his own name in the environmentalism game at the age of only 23.

As a young athlete and aspiring snowboarder, Tamo founded Beyond Boarding, an environmental and humanitarian activism group to raise awareness about issues impacting all corners of the world from the headwaters of the amazon to First Nation’s groups in Northern BC. 

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Talking activism, renewable energy, and organizing with British Columbia’s Sam Harrison.

At a very young age, Sam has proven his ability to empower and inspire others to engage in environmental projects. As an influential leader and organizer, Sam has encouraged youth across Canada to become involved in climate change issues and speak up for what the believe in. At the age of 17, Sam is on a path to a promising future and we are pleased to feature him as number 4 in our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 2014.

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Make a difference for World Oceans Day.

Today (June 8th) is World Oceans Day – a day to take note of the successes we’ve had and opportunities that we face marching into 2013 and beyond. Although it’s not a well-known holiday, I’m happy to shed light on what’s been going on for our oceans and how you can take part in preserving our waters for future generations.

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A Good Day to be Green.

As much as I love them, people with green leanings tend to be a little pessimistic. Obviously there is a lot to be concerned about in a world with changing climate, out-of-control capitalism, and an ozone layer that occasionally resembles a finely crafted Swiss cheese. But if you constantly bury yourself in bad news, you aren’t the most pleasant person to be around. Case in point: the reaction to the province of BC formally coming out against the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

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