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Who Cares About Bottled vs. Tap Water Anyway?

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Picture this: I am your adamant friend who does not support the consumption of bottled water. I talk to you about how bottled water is bad for the environment, how it tastes funny and how it’s foolish that people pay for water with an “expiry date.” I sometimes get into arguments with your bottled water friend. The person who only consumes bottled water because they know about the dangers of tap water. This friend consistently warns me of the dangers of heavy metals, excess fluoride and bacteria in tap water that will cause me many health problems. Why do these two generic friends exist? Why are Canadians so polarized on the topic of bottled water vs. tap water?

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Halloween 2011: A Spooktacular Milestone

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To many of us, October 31st highlights a yearly opportunity to rummage through the attics of our imaginations, mimic our favorite creatures and fictionally experience ‘walking amongst the dead’. This year, however, it’s walking amongst the living that may bring more than a few to gasp: the world’s population is projected to reach a staggering 7 billion on Halloween of this year, with another billion expected in just another 12 years: a far cry from the global population of 1.7 billion just a century ago!

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Don't be trashy.
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Mondays are my least favourite day of the week. It’s not because I have to wake up early after a long, relaxing weekend, and it’s not even because I know there’s a full week ahead of me. I hate Mondays because it’s garbage day in Hamilton- the day lazy university students throughout my neighbourhood get to leave heaps of trash sprinkled all over their lawns for me to walk through on the way to school.

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Rethinking the way we consume.

We live in a society defined by consumption. Our media outlets are full of advertisements trying to sell us the newest products, latest fashions, and telling us to keep buying more stuff. Even our governments encourage us to buy and consume as much as possible, often justifying its position by emphasizing the importance of economic growth.

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Persistence of the Plastic Bag

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  Above you can see a few components of a typical marine ecosystem.  These habitats are characterized by water, an essential component to the sustenance of life, as well as living organisms within it, in this case sea turtle and fish species.   A more recent addition to this natural environment, however, is the clear plastic bags—a unique human induced contribution. Wait, those shouldn’t be there, right? 

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