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Photo essay: A winter wonderland in Iceland.

When I decided to spend some time in the cold white north this winter, many people thought I was a bit crazy. Iceland is undoubtedly a beautiful place, but its winters host a bounty of winter storms and very few hours of sunlight. Naturally, I still booked the trip and even convinced a friend to come with me. And upon reflecting on the experience, I don't doubt my decision one bit.

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The art of nature documentaries: capturing wildlife through a conservationist's eye.

In preparation for the upcoming 10th World Wilderness Congress in October, the Starfish has collaborated with CoalitionWild to announce finalists for its 'Wilder World Challenge'. Here, we present the stories of a passionate and innovative movement of people under 30, seeking to create a wilder world.

 The developments in camera technology have forever changed the ways in which we can watch wildlife. Today, there are many shows/movies that portray animals interacting with each other and their natural environment. We tend to assume that the animals we watch through our television are unaffected by the film crew’s presence. In reality, human involvement with these animals can be detrimental to the wildlife’s safety. 16 year old Abbie Barnes, of CoalitionWILD’s 2013 Wilder World Challenge, aspires to create films that expose the secrets of wildlife documentaries as well as highlight the importance of conservation.



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