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Leatherback Sea Turtle: The story of an ancient mariner.

The Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is the biggest, deepest-diving, longest traveling reptile on the planet, and has been in existence for over 100 million years - and was in existence when dinosaurs walked the Earth. These turtles have endured millions of years of global change, but this ancient marine species is currently facing a serious threat -- one that could wipe them from existence. That threat is human beings.

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Steller Sea Lions are at risk from plastic debris entanglement.

Summer is here, and people across Canada are itching to get outside and into the water. Steller Sea Lions are also enjoying this time of year, lounging about and breeding on isolated rocks. Unfortunately, many of these mammals won’t live to see the end of summer due to the entanglement of plastic bands and other debris around their necks.

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Garbage Island: Floating Fun with the North Pacific Gyre

Last year we at Sketchy Science were fortunate enough to find ourselves on the Hawaiian island of Oahu for 10 days of fun in the sun. We explored every corner of the island looking for fun stories to share and were not disappointed, from extinct volcanic craters, to epic surf, to amazing wildlife, Hawaii proved to be a hot bed (if you’ll pardon the pun) of science gold. However, one of the things we discovered was bigger than all the rest. We never actually saw it because, as you will read, it’s not easily detectable for land-dwellers; but we did spend the better part of 5 hours flying over it.

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