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Are you giving resource companies a social license to operate?

In the past decade or so, North America has seen a major shift in the way political decisions are made regarding resource use. What had for decades been a bi-partite policy system existing between the provincial/state government and the resource company has recently evolved into a multi-party policy system including a variety of stakeholders at the local and community level. This development has largely been lauded as a positive one, as it provides for a more direct form of citizen participation on issues of environmental, economic, and political significance. With such an expanded role, however, comes an increased responsibility to ensure that local values are being represented on a consistent basis – a task that local stakeholders have struggled with.

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A new oceans discovery: 1 million species (and a lot of plastic).

Photo by NOAA, Ocean Explorer (2011) |

Last week, the results from a 2.5-year underwater expedition were revealed. The French vessel, Tara, has surfaced over one million newfound aquatic species – certainly a great feat for science and discovery! However, it’s important to understand how this discovery, although large in number, doesn’t end our need to discover our oceans.

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The Fishermen Win! Large Mega-Resort Rejected by Mexican President.

Photo by kbempringham | flickr.comStory originally posted to Ecolutionist on June 22, 2012.

Often, it’s hard to stay optimistic with a plethora of bad environmental decisions made by those in power.  In the context of development, however, great strides are being made, as Mexican President Felipe Calderon has rejected the construction of a $2 billion tourism area that was set on the periphery of one of the world’s most pristine protected areas.

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A New Type of Hybrid: Exploring the Possibility of Hybrid Powerplants

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If someone were to ask what you know about hybrid technology, it would probably be automatic for you to connect the use of electrical power combined with gasoline as a fuel source for vehicles.  Professor Avi Kribus of Israel’s Tel Aviv University (TAU) is working towards adding another, much larger development to the hybrid category. 

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Who Cares About Bottled vs. Tap Water Anyway?

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Picture this: I am your adamant friend who does not support the consumption of bottled water. I talk to you about how bottled water is bad for the environment, how it tastes funny and how it’s foolish that people pay for water with an “expiry date.” I sometimes get into arguments with your bottled water friend. The person who only consumes bottled water because they know about the dangers of tap water. This friend consistently warns me of the dangers of heavy metals, excess fluoride and bacteria in tap water that will cause me many health problems. Why do these two generic friends exist? Why are Canadians so polarized on the topic of bottled water vs. tap water?

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Bam-boooooo-ed: No cheers here.
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I’m sure that all of you have heard that a “mild” controversy exists on whether bamboo is a sustainable source to harvest for clothing, towels, textiles, and flooring.  Most companies have jumped on the green bamboo wagon, heralding the sturdy grass as the latest and hottest eco-fabric known to man.

However, these claims have only been bamboozled by the Federal Trade Commission, leaving the public in a state of confusion and wonder.  Is bamboo sustainable? Or are we just fooling ourselves and buying into another gimmick?      

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