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What's in Your Belly Button? (And Other Places We Are Still Finding New Species)

Photo from unclefuz |

I may be wrong to speak on behalf of all Starfish readers, but when I hear a story about a recently discovered species (or a species that has recently gone extinct, for that matter), my mind automatically creates an image of an emerging eerie-looking lizard with disproportionally small limbs, or the devastating disappearance of a cute tree-living bear-like creature.  With extinction events occurring at an unprecedented rate, contributing to the current mass extinction, it can sometimes seem as though Earth is simply losing many of its species.  What may come as good news, then, is that we are continuing to find new species, often times in the most bizarre of places. Even belly buttons. 

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A new oceans discovery: 1 million species (and a lot of plastic).

Photo by NOAA, Ocean Explorer (2011) |

Last week, the results from a 2.5-year underwater expedition were revealed. The French vessel, Tara, has surfaced over one million newfound aquatic species – certainly a great feat for science and discovery! However, it’s important to understand how this discovery, although large in number, doesn’t end our need to discover our oceans.

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