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Aamjiwnaang's Vanessa Gray: an advocate and steward for environmental health.

She is an advocate and steward of environmental health for her community, Aamjiwnang First Nations. She takes every chance to talk about the environmental crisis that exists within her neighborhood and surrounding areas, using a multitude of strategies to achieve change. She is a passionate leader, an inspirational educator, and a fearless pillar for her community. She is 21 year old Vanessa Gray, the third place holder of our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 for 2014.

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Julian Tennent-Riddell is campaigning for cleaner energy solutions.

Julian Tennent-Riddell is a Trent University student that has already distinguished himself as an incredible environmental leader. From the Trent University’s Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign and intervening against Enbridge’s Line 9 to inspiring and mobilizing youth, Julian has definitely lived up to his belief in a multi-pronged approach to creating change.

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Light-hearted activism: The Tar Sands Dragon Opera.

It can be difficult to convey important messages if the public does not want to hear them. Often, serious information is pushed aside because the message is too “heavy” to accept. In the case of environmental degradation, especially with the tar sands, motivation to take action can be overwhelmed by the shear scale of the problem. With distortion by the media, political leanings, and industry monopoly, the average citizen may perceive their efforts as useless. Through protests and activism, resistance can flicker; however, there are other tactics we can use to encourage everyday citizens to join the call.

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