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Starbucks to source only sustainable palm oil by 2015.
In a statement by Green Century Capital Management on February 21 2013, it was revealed that Starbucks is committing to sourcing only sustainable palm oil sources by 2013. This comes after Green Century filed a shareholder resolution based on concerns that the company’s current forest practices were increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases and destroying habitats. Read More
A universal sustainability toolkit.

A Rwandan boy plays with his new solar light bulbs. Photo by nokero |

Our perception of living sustainably is often bombarded with ideas of solar and wind energy, a transition to biofuels, electric cars, energy-efficient appliances, and more widespread public transit systems. These are all very highly-developed ideas and are becoming essential to prolong our existence on planet Earth in the grand scheme. What all of these technologies have in common is that they pertain explicitly to the urbanized world—developed nations in particular.

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Economic Issues + Environmental Crises = Premise for Sustainable Municipal Action.

Toronto, 2005. Photo from the Hindrew |

Last month, I had the privilege of attending an annual reception for the Urban – Rural Biomonitoring Assessment Network, a conservation authority dedicated to preserving the natural state of ecosystems throughout the City of Hamilton. David Miller, the former mayor of Toronto from 2003-2010, made an appearance at this event to present a very engaging account of how goals for improving a city’s economy depend largely on our ability to adapt to a changing climate.

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COLLEEN'S PICK. Urban Agriculture: Harvested Produce at the Grocery Store

Photo from Agropolis |

It’s hard to imagine our current agricultural system evolving progressively, considering the regression we’re in, but a presentation given at the Nordic Exceptional Trendshop last week by NASA-inspired individuals could give it the push it needs. The idea is called Agropolis – an urban agricultural venue with a grocery store, restaurant and farm, all under the same roof.


Tuesday is the Editor-in-Chief of Ecolutionist and has allowed us to feature one of her articles on our site. Be sure to check out her site at

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The Elevator Myth: Should you take the stairs?

Photo by iseethelight |

When I became a university student, I stopped routinely taking the elevator. I originally did this out of fear of gaining the infamous “freshman fifteen.” I thought that by introducing more stairs into my lifestyle, I wouldn’t wind up as one of those university students who claim they never have time for physical activity.

As I started my elevator boycott, many people asked me if I chose the stairs over the elevator for environmental reasons. I usually said that’s just a bonus - but is it actually? If people stopped taking elevators, would it benefit the environment?

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It's Too Expensive to Care.

Photo by vineus |

Uncertainty, complete disbelief, and total denial are a few of the reasons people don’t believe in or acknowledge the global sustainability problem. I think it’s been made clear by the media that enough of the North American population has gone beyond this point and realized that something should be, and can be done to protect our Earth. But what’s not clear is the best way to go about it.

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