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It’s not easy being green: The challenges of sustainable transit in B.C. (Part II)

Have you ever wondered why British Columbia, home to countless avid nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts and a province with masses of commuters and tourists, doesn’t have a passenger rail system? It’s a good question and one that warrants consideration of both history and politics.

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Hamilton's bike share pedals towards sustainable transport.

This summer, Hamilton will be launching a progressive and innovative Bike Share program to help citizens choose active transportation. The Social Bikes (SoBi) system combines technology and sustainability to offer Hamilton residents a healthier, more enjoyable commute. With 105 stations to pick up and return a bike, SoBi brings reliability and efficiency to a rider’s commute. Utilizing a mobile app, users can conveniently reserve, check out and ride one of the many bikes throughout the city. The bike sharing system can help commuters expand their personal sustainability practices while giving Hamilton a sustainable nudge.

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Asthma in India: It's in the air.

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What do you think of when you hear the term global health? If you responded with HIV/AIDS, malaria, or tuberculosis, you certainly wouldn’t be wrong. But what about diseases that are more commonly associated with environmental health? These hazards are responsible for about 25% of the total burden of disease worldwide. According to the World Health Organizaion (WHO), 13 million deaths around the world could be prevented every year by making our environments healthier.

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Spaceport America.

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If you ever happen to take a trip through the deserts of New Mexico, you may be shocked, and perhaps pleasantly surprised, to stumble upon the set of the latest science fiction blockbuster. Or at least, so you’d think. You see, much like an idea straight from the pages of our childhood books, a fully integrated commercial spaceport dubbed Spaceport America was inaugurated in the arid environment of New Mexico last month. The futuristic-looking facility, the brainchild of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic corporation, is the first of its kind globally to offer eco-sensitive space travel for both larger-scale commercial tourism and research purposes. Scheduled to begin suborbital passenger trips in 2013, which include travelling at 3 times the speed of sound beyond our atmosphere, and the iconic sensation of weightlessness, the short trips are priced at a hefty $200,000 (although prices are expected to come back down to earth as demand increases).

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Why Transit City Mattered.

Recently, the Ontario government approved $8.2 billion for the construction of the Eglinton LRT and Scarborough LRT. Making huge amendments to a previous proposal under the Transit City plan, the Eglinton light rail line will provide 33km of track serviced fully underground connecting the city east-west. The new proposal is much more costly and reaches far less citizens.

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Life in the Carpool Lane: A personal experiment.

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One thing that many of us can relate to is commuting. Whether it be for a job, school, or anything in between, we have all experienced the constant travel from one destination to another.

I recently started taking a course in Toronto and found myself facing the commuters dilemma. Do I drive to work, or do I use public transportation?

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