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332 Reasons to Care About Rising Global Temperatures

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If you’re like me, you have parents or extended family that like to drift down memory lane to tell you one of their ‘classic’ stories; it usually starts with a “Back in my day”, followed by an exaggerated tale of a high school fling, or something embarrassing about them that you would quite like to erase from your memory. When it comes to our climate, however, it seems our older family members have one story that most from our generation cannot tell, and perhaps we should care to listen. The fact is if you’re 27 years old or younger, you have never lived through a month where average global temperatures have been colder than the 20th century average of 15.5 degrees Celsius (measured from 1901-2000). On the contrary, the end of October 2012 marked the 332nd consecutive warmer-than-average global temperature month.

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