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Jurisdictions doing it right: Guelph and Boston are conserving water.

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As the heat continues to fill the air in North America, people will do just about anything to stay cool.  Swimming pools fill up and cold showers suddenly become appealing.  Even sprinklers and hoses come out to quench the thirst of lawns and gardens.  Water consumption undoubtedly increases in the summer months - presenting a problem for many cities.

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Captain Charles Moore: The Seas of Plastic.

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This week, I had the pleasure of watching Capt. Charles Moore, founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, talk about his journey with plastics in our ocean. Within minutes of his presentation, you couldn’t help but feel for this concerning issue that simply doesn’t get enough media attention.

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Who Cares About Bottled vs. Tap Water Anyway?

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Picture this: I am your adamant friend who does not support the consumption of bottled water. I talk to you about how bottled water is bad for the environment, how it tastes funny and how it’s foolish that people pay for water with an “expiry date.” I sometimes get into arguments with your bottled water friend. The person who only consumes bottled water because they know about the dangers of tap water. This friend consistently warns me of the dangers of heavy metals, excess fluoride and bacteria in tap water that will cause me many health problems. Why do these two generic friends exist? Why are Canadians so polarized on the topic of bottled water vs. tap water?

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If you don’t need to flush it, you shouldn’t.

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Maybe I just watched a lot of sci-fi movies as a kid, but the more important issue is flushing pests down the toilet is actually not justifiable, along with many other things that we flush down toilets.  In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Ipsos Reid, we Canadians have a lot of bad behaviours when it comes to water consumption and toilet use.

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It's Too Expensive to Care.

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Uncertainty, complete disbelief, and total denial are a few of the reasons people don’t believe in or acknowledge the global sustainability problem. I think it’s been made clear by the media that enough of the North American population has gone beyond this point and realized that something should be, and can be done to protect our Earth. But what’s not clear is the best way to go about it.

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