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Dual-Flush Toilets: A little flush goes a long way for water conservation.

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A few months ago, I embarked on a “learn about the world, and learn about myself” journey. I decided that my discovery should start at the other end of the world – in Australia. As a traveler, you’re met with the unique experience of suddenly having to make choices for things you would never consider at home: Should I visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or the Opera House first? Should I pet a kangaroo, or a koala? Should I flush, or just half-flush? Wait…what?

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Jurisdictions doing it right: Guelph and Boston are conserving water.

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As the heat continues to fill the air in North America, people will do just about anything to stay cool.  Swimming pools fill up and cold showers suddenly become appealing.  Even sprinklers and hoses come out to quench the thirst of lawns and gardens.  Water consumption undoubtedly increases in the summer months - presenting a problem for many cities.

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