Photo: Drew Dodington.

Photo: Drew Dodington.

It's time to get outside and explore nature - and The Starfish Canada wants to help newcomers experience Canada's iconic wilderness.

The Nature Immersion Program aims to remove barriers that newcomers (particularly youth) face when exploring outdoors by translating outdoor education materials into other languages. This simple but effective service helps those who want to adventure outdoors, but face the challenges of language barriers, feel comfortable and safe in their explorations.

We've piloted this project in 2015 with the creation of our Lynn Valley Canyon Park guides, thanks to the generous help of MEC Outdoor Nation.

You can find copies of our guides at Lynn Canyon and around post-secondary institutions in Vancouver and Burnaby. You can also download and print a copy of our guides by clicking the buttons below. 


Have a trail in your community you'd like to see translated materials for? Let us know! 

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