Photo:  Sonny Abesamis ; creative commons license.

Photo: Sonny Abesamis; creative commons license.

We're looking for volunteers to work with local schools and communities to help us show off the great environmental work done by Canadian youth!

Work Term: June 2016-May 2017.

Time commitment: 6-8 hours per month on a minimum four-month commitment.

Reports to: The Starfish Canada editorial team.

Support from: The Starfish Canada’s Editorial Officer and the Community Outreach team.

Applications will be accepted until Friday, June 3rd. To apply, please send a resume and short statement of interest to Mandy McDougall, Editorial Officer at mandy@thestarfish.ca.

Position description

The purpose of the Youth and Schools Coordinator is to serve as a liaison between The Starfish Canada and schools across our communities, particularly grades K-8. The Youth and Schools Coordinator is responsible for working with teachers, schools, local communities, and The Starfish Canada Editorial Committee to promote, encourage, and share youth-driven environmental initiatives across Canada’s schools by sharing stories of younger citizens on our website.

We encourage applications from interested individuals residing anywhere in Canada to work with their local communities.


Qualifications: skills, attributes and experience required

  • Knowledge of working with Google programs (Google drive, docs, sheets, hangouts);
  • Effective e-mail and online communication skills;
  • Ability to engage in community outreach with local schools, teachers, and community groups;
  • Experience working with children and/or schools is considered an asset;
  • General research skills to find diverse sources of information for online postings is considered an asset.


Benefits and recognition provided to volunteer

  • Posts will be promoted through our national social media channels, showcasing your work to young adults across Canada;
  • Reference letters are available after one term of completed duties.



The Youth and Schools Coordinator will be responsible for the following:

  • Establishing working relationships with school and after-school communities;

  • Connecting teachers, community leaders, and youth with environmental initiatives relevant to The Starfish Canada’s mission, values, and vision;

  • Maintaining contact with teachers/community leaders who are interested in providing content for The Starfish Canada’s blog, including, but not limited to:

    • Suggesting class activities such as writing, pictures, etc. for publication on The Starfish Canada’s blog;

    • Conducting interviews and storytelling activities to share on the blog about students’ experience with environmental work;

    • Working with the Community Outreach Committee and/or Workshop Liaison to encourage classes to take part in environmental activities (e.g., yard clean-ups, community gardens)

  • Promoting posts via social networking sites as they as posted.


Other requirements

Use of own laptop/computer; an e-mail address can be provided to you if you prefer to not use your own.