Photo: Nadine Nevitt

Photo: Nadine Nevitt

We need your help to make 2019 our best year yet.

The Starfish Canada is fuelled by amazing change-makers that volunteer their time in small but mighty ways. We’ve been able to accomplish a lot with the help of our growing online community. 

Since 2010, we’ve recognized over 150 young folks under 25, connecting them to each other and awarding them for their incredible accomplishments. We’ve ran workshops for over 500 students in school rooms across the country, educating them on what it means to work on environmental matters. And last year, we gave out $50,000 in cash to ensure that these incredible leaders can succeed at what they do best.

We’re excited to start on 2019 — and we hope that you’ll join us on this adventure. Even committing to 1-2 hours every week or two can make a huge impact on our work. We’ll provide you with the training you need to succeed. 

All volunteers are supported by our team and by each other. Our expectation is that:

  • You feel comfortable to lead work together, to make mistakes, and to learn from them. 

  • We want you to learn as a part of your experience here (and we are also excited to learn from you). We hope that you feel comfortable asking lots of questions, no matter how small.

  • You don’t have to be an expert in what you’re doing — as long as you feel okay to give and receive feedback and are willing to have fun with a wonderful team, we’re happy to have you with us.

All roles last for a minimum of six months with the opportunity to renew. We ask that you provide your own laptop and cellphone for all correspondence. 

Here are the steps for volunteering with us: 

  1. Read the brief role descriptions to see which one fits your skills and/or interests.

  2. Fill out the form below. If you’d like some guidance on which one(s) to apply for, reach out to a friend or colleague, or email us and we can help you out: hello@thestarfish.ca.

  3. We will connect with you within 2-3 days to set up a time to connect.

If you have any questions, please give us an email at hello@thestarfish.ca.

Social media team (3-4 positions available)

If you enjoy posting on social and sourcing out great content, this is the place for you. You’ll work as a small team to schedule content for Facebook and Twitter.

Tasks may include:

  • Helping revise and implement our social media strategy across all our channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram);

  • Finding great content on Facebook and Twitter for re-sharing, in accordance with that social media strategy you just worked on;

  • Creating posts for social based on our articles and other timely news from The Starfish Canada.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per week (two-hour weeks would be more likely as you revise our social media strategy as a team). Volunteer commitments renew every six months.

Writers (5 positions available)

If you’ve got things to say to a network of young environmental change-makers, consider sharing your thoughts on our award-winning platform.

Tasks may include:

  • Working closely with an Editor to propose article ideas, refine the angle to your stories, and collaborate on article drafts using Google Docs;

  • When we get article pitches, running with those stories by attending events, interviewing others, and researching topics using public sources (news, libraries, academic sources, etc.)

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per week, publishing an article about once per month. Volunteer commitments renew every six months.

Editors + editorial team (3 editor positions available)

If you’ve got a knack for seeing great ideas, help our young team of rising journalists and their stories come to life. 

Tasks may include:

  • Working with a Writer as a part of our Editor-Writer mentorship program, where you provide tips and advice on how to best find great ideas and get them down on paper;

  • Using a collaborative approach when editing and refining articles to help guide writers on best practices;

  • As you’d like, contributing to the overall direction of our online site on our editorial team (meets once every two months).

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per week, adding about 2 hours per month if you also join the editorial team. Volunteer commitments renew every six months.

Google Adwords lead (1 position available)

Advertising online is a skill that we haven’t mastered. If you want to learn more about it in a comfortable setting, help us improve ourselves using Google AdWords.

Tasks include:

  • Reviewing our current Google Ads and refining based on our current programming and spend (nonprofits get $10,000 per month courtesy of Google);

  • Working with Google to understand how to best develop and create online ads in their space.

Time commitment: Depends on you! You could likely spend 5-10 hours in the first 2-4 weeks learning lots and attempting to implement your learnings. After that, it will be likely 1-2 hours per month. Volunteer commitments renew every six months.

Fund development team (3 positions available)

As a rapidly growing organization, we need a team that ensures we are putting our best foot forward to prospective donors and funders. 

Tasks may include:

  • Reviewing draft funding proposals and providing commentary via Google Docs;

  • Providing oversight and guidance into our own criteria for who we solicit funding from.

  • As you’d like, assisting in drafting funding proposals. This is not a requirement of fund development team members.

Time commitment: About 2 hours per month, with an additional hour for a team meeting once every two months. Volunteer commitments renew every six months.

Editorial team (3 positions available)

We want to ensure we’re celebrating environmental leaders across Canada in an accessible and inclusive manner — and helping our editorial team can help you leave a lasting mark on how we do just that.

Tasks may include:

  • Helping revisit our editorial policies and training guides to ensure they are accessible to all young Canadians;

  • Providing guidance on our tone and style to ensure we are appropriately capturing great stories.

Time commitment: About 2 hours per month, including meetings. Volunteer commitments renew every six months.

Top 25 administrative assistant (1-2 positions available)

If you’re an administrative guru and love project management, this is a great way to flex those skills and help amazing environmental leaders across the country. 

Tasks may include:

  • Setting up our award management system to ensure an easy process for nominators, judges, and nominees;

  • Liaising with nominees and nominators about their application status and receiving documents from each finalist;

  • Administering surveys to all people involved with the program to ensure we receive feedback on our processes.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month until May 2019; 1-2 hours per week during May and June; 2-3 hours during July. This volunteer commitment finishes in July, but can renew annually.

Top 25 communications manager (1-2 positions available) 

Launching a nation-wide call for environmental leaders is a great way to get exposure to implementing a communications strategy and managing media requests while helping young change-makers amplify their work.

Tasks may include:

  • Setting up partnerships with media outlets and universities to spread the word about our call for nominations;

  • Editing copy for press releases and our online spaces, including our site and social media;

  • Finding local reporters that can cover local finalists accepting their awards.

Time commitment: 3-4 hours per month, from January to August 2019. Assistance will be given by the Top 25 project manager and administrative assistant.

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