The Starfish Canada celebrates young environmental leaders by connecting them with a platform for storytelling and a community of change-makers.

Since 2010, we have developed national content and programs to foster youth-led, positive change for Canada’s environment. This includes the annual Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 awards, youth workshops, and an online journal managed by youth editors and contributors.  We’ve been registered as a federal non-profit since April 2014. For more information on the Starfish Canada, please visit our website: http://thestarfish.ca/.

Successful applicants will join The Starfish Canada’s Board of Directors (BOD). This is an opportunity to contribute to environmental initiatives while developing valuable skills in board governance, strategic planning, policy development and nonprofit accounting.

Position: Board member (seven positions available with two interim board members seeking general election)

Term: Two-year term with potential for renewal.

Hours of Work: Approximately 4-6 hours per month (One monthly board meeting, one monthly sub-committee meeting, and conversing via e-mails/phone calls).  Our meetings are held via videoconference and it is possible for board members to call in for meetings. Due to time zone constraints, preference will be given to applicants able to attend evening meetings between approximately 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Pacific Time. When in-person board meetings are held (approx. once a year in Vancouver), The Starfish Canada will cover travel and accommodation costs.

Description: The BOD ensures the efficient delivery of programs and online content to our community. New members will join our current BOD and work together to advise on the strategic direction and operations of The Starfish Canada. At monthly meetings, the BOD discusses the progress of the organization and strategizes how The Starfish Canada should work to meet its vision.

Responsibilities: As a board member, you will be responsible for high-level oversight of the organization’s activities to ensure the organization is acting in accordance with its values. Responsibilities of board members (and approximate percentage of total effort) include:

I. Fundraising (10 percent): Board fundraising activities may include major and minor donor solicitations, sponsorship solicitations, active membership recruitment and efforts to increase event participation and attendance.

II. Oversight of programs (40 percent): Oversight on our programs may include guidance on sustainability topics, best journalism practices, appropriate responses to requests from the community and event planning.

III. Strategic planning and policy development (50 percent): The BOD creates and updates the strategic plan and evaluate the implementation of the plan as presented by The Starfish Canada’s community and/or staff.

In addition, board members may be interested in holding Officer Positions. Our officer positions are available to change as new directors come onto our board and want to exercise different skillsets. The following positions may be available to new board members:

  • Board Chair, a position that provides oversight for BOD activities and facilitates monthly BOD meetings.

  • Member Relations Officer, a position that oversees our membership processes and ensures we deliver value for our members;

  • Editorial Officer, a position that oversees our online content and ensures its consistency and regularity;

Board members may also be interested in sitting on a BOD Committee. Current committees include: Governance; Relations; Editorial; Fund Development; and Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity.

The Starfish Canada is committed to amplifying voices of people and communities not often heard in the environmental movement. As such, we are grateful for the unique contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization. Applicants to the Board of Directors are welcome to self-identify as a member of a marginalized community or communities, including but not limited to: Indigenous people, Black people, people of colour, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, people who have experienced poverty, LGBTQIA2S people, non-binary people, and women. We encourage individuals from marginalized communities to identify the ways their identity and history informs their interest in working with The Starfish Canada’s Board of Directors. Applicants are welcome regardless of their level of education or professional work experience.

The Starfish Canada is also committed to increasing our geographic representation from coast to coast to coast. We currently have strong Board of Directors representation from urban and southern areas, particularly in south-western British Columbia and southern Ontario. Applicants from other areas are encouraged to apply and to identify the ways in which their location informs their interest in working with The Starfish Canada Board of Directors.

Application Instructions:

If interested, please send a resume and one-paragraph statement of interest to Jas Brown at jas@thestarfish.ca (cc: Kyle Empringham at kyle@thestarfish.ca) by Friday, March 15 at 5 pm Pacific Time.

All applicants will be invited to witness a board meeting on Thursday, March 21 from 6-8pm Pacific Time, where they can get a sense of how our board functions. This is a recommended but optional meeting. Absence from this meeting does not impact an applicant’s ability to run for the board.

These documents will be presented at the AGM scheduled for Thursday, April 18, 6-8pm Pacific Time. If there are more nominees than available positions, the current board will provide a recommendation to voting members. There will be a voting process during this meeting for members to vote on the board of directors.