Photo: Drew Dodington.

Photo: Drew Dodington.

Applications will be accepted until Friday, June 3rd. To apply, please send a resume and short statement of interest to Mandy McDougall, Editorial Officer at mandy@thestarfish.ca.


What is The Starfish Canada?

The Starfish Canada celebrates and amplifies environmental, solutions-based stories across the nation, with a focus on youth-based initiatives. Since 2010, we have inspired young Canadians to take leadership roles in their communities and to celebrate their peers contributing in the environmentalism movement.

Editing for The Starfish Canada is an exciting opportunity to meet other journalism-minded people, connect with those working in communication science and policy, and provide meaningful mentorship to our online volunteers. Editors provide the necessary guidance and structure that keep our online content active, relevant, and thought-provoking.


Position: Editor

Work Term: May-October 2016 with opportunity for renewal.

Supervisors: The Starfish Canada Co-Founder, Editorial Officer.

Hours of Work: Approximately 3-5 hours per month.



Editors provide mentorship and guidance to The Starfish Canada community of writers while providing feedback into our creative process. Our Editors connect and engage with writers to think about new angles to our stories, how to think about getting young audiences reading and listening to relevant and timely stories, and assist in guiding flow and structure to articles.

In-person meetings are kept at a minimum; Editors do not need to be in proximity to Hamilton or Vancouver to apply. An editing package and training will be given to all new Editors.



  • Communicate with Writers and other members of The Starfish Canada via e-mail or online messaging and to respond to messages in a prompt manner;

  • Mentor and guide Writers in the writing process, which may include article framing, structure/flow, and connecting Writers to relevant resources;

  • Editing articles using Google documents and contributing to our double-editing process;

  • Sit in on online Editorial committee meetings as necessary (about once every four months);

  • Promote contributed posts via social networking sites as they as posted.


Application Instructions

To apply, please send a resume and short statement of interest to Mandy McDougall, Editorial Officer at mandy@thestarfish.ca. We will follow up with you to host a conversation about the roles and responsibilities of the volunteer position. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application within one week of submission.