The Starfish Canada offers highly engaging environmental workshops to elementary and high school students.

Each session includes unique activities that inspire students to think on a global scale while keeping local issues in mind.

The Starfish Canada works closely to educate and empower youth and young adults, helping them be conscious leaders of tomorrow. It's important to expose students to different environmental issues and how each story is a thread in the tapestry of our social, economic and political world. 

Our workshops are tailored to the age group and needs of each classroom. If you have more questions about our workshops or want us to host one in your classroom, feel free to contact us.

Workshop 1 // Sweet 16: Enviro Edition 

This activity is all about understanding that everything about our world is interconnected. Everything we do has an impact on all other aspects of life around us. However, in order to get things done, it is important filter funding and resources to certain goals. How should these goals be determined? Is there an ethical component to social, economic, and political decisions? It's up to the class to decide. Expect discussion and debate.


Workshop 2 // The In-vitro Meat Debate

This workshop is all about discussing the array of issues that parallel new scientific innovations. Oftentimes, innovation is met with criticism from different groups/bodies. Here, we have pre-selected the issue of in-vitro meat (the creation of meat in the laboratory setting) to walk through the process. Students are separated into two groups and present their arguments for/against the idea of in-vitro meat. This workshop gets really heated - expect to put out fires!


Workshop 3 // Children's Storybook Project 

In this multi-day workshop, we bring children's creativity to life by letting them tell their story. Using art, workshop participants create a story that represents their environmental journey, then paint the pictures that create a storybook they'll take with them. It'll be a story to tell their grandchildren.

Check it out!  In collaboration with Markham Public Library, we're proud to offer the amazing work done by the youth of Markham, ON in our inaugural storybook project.  Download the interactive ebook Lots of Trees, and Views of Main Street’s Past, Present and Future through the Eyes of Markham Youth by clicking the link below.


In this active, engaging session we will celebrate bio-diversity across Canada, learn new body movements, and build leadership skills! Our popular "Coast to Coast Eco Workout Challenge: Biodiversity Edition" is a tactile session that will get the group thinking, moving, and working in teams to have fun!”