About Us

Since 2010, we have inspired young Canadians to take leadership roles in their communities and to celebrate their peers contributing to the environmentalism movement.

Our Mission

The Starfish Canada celebrates young environmental leaders by connecting them with a platform for storytelling and a community of change-makers. Through our national platform young changemakers are able to advocate for the environmental issues that matter to them, and make their voices heard.

Our Vision

We are a community that supports environmental sustainability by sharing stories and taking action from coast-to-coast, whether that’s in one person’s community or across the globe.

Our Values

Thought-provoking: We create space for conversations and dialogues that prompt deeper thinking and understanding of environmental issues and solutions.

Based in facts and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Through our work, we ensure what we do is based in sound science, research and in the learnings and teachings of traditional ways of being. Action-oriented: Our work provides Canada’s youth the platform to make a positive difference for Canada's natural environment. Engaging: We discuss environmental topics through mediums that provide high-quality participation and mentorship. We go beyond surface-level issues to get to the heart of what matters: our world, and our future.

“The Starfish Canada helped me realize that we are not alone in our efforts for a better future.”

-  Skye Noh, Top 25 Winner

What We Do

Youth journalism on our online forum. We are the source for responsible decision-making for Canadian youth. We train our student volunteers on how to take technical science, policy and research and turn it into accessible articles for our readers to enjoy. Community outreach and education. We create an engaging community, grow new relationships, and build upon pre-existing bonds. We are in towns and cities across the nation, delivering innovative environmental education workshops and providing opportunities for speaking engagements in classrooms. Provide a voice to young Canadians. We celebrate local groups that recognize and engage in positive action. We do much of this work through our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 program, where we amplify the impact of youth across Canada to create a cleaner, healthier Canada.

The Starfish Canada board of directors