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Photo from Kelly Lovell.

Photo from Kelly Lovell.


AGE: 22

“Creating legacies of united communities and humanitarian achievements across the globe, Kelly Lovell understands that the key to changing lives is to first give back”. That was the first thing Kelly’s co-worker and nominator Sarah had to say about her. Youth motivational coach and mentor, Kelly is known for her ability to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Sarah describes her ability to “unlock the key to understanding and accessing the youth demographic”, which is not an easy feat these days.

With a worldwide network of over 500,000 in 192 countries, Kelly helps youth groups find their voice and self-esteem, motivate individuals to grow as leaders and understand their own ability to make changes in their communities. She has spoken live to stadiums of over 7,000 people, to 10,000s online, and at high profile events including WE Day and a TEDx conference.

“I have never met a more socially engaged, passionate and determined youth leader in my life”, says Sarah. This passion lead to the creation of My Clean City, a national youth leadership program that unites the environmental sector with youth volunteers, and aims to bridge the gap between the youth and their communities. Starting in February 2013, this program was built to “mobilize her peers to take action for our environment”. The program has been up and running since Fall 2013 with the help from Youth for Youth.

Kelly herself describes My Clean City as a transformative program that focuses on an energy shift for volunteerism. “Within the environmental sector, there are many passionate organizations with similar goals. My goal is to collaborate with these organizations to mobilize youth. I believe the collective efforts of many organizations working together will create a greater impact than the work of small, individual organizations.”

While it has not always been straightforward and easy, Kelly is known for her contagious spirit and infectious inspiration to face the challenges. “When I set out to create My Clean City as a national program, I was told to aim lower and create a program with a smaller scale. These people taught me that self-doubt should not hinder your goals. Doubts motivated me to accomplish my goals. It motivated me to create an organization based on the belief that individuals can truly make small and large changes.”

This aspiration is truly an inspirational endeavour, and as Sarah says, “she is not only creating projects to care for our environment, but she is creating environmental champions that will go on to mobilize their own communities to live sustainably.”

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