Beyond Boarding’s Tamo Campos is the Top Environmentalist Under 25!


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Photo from Tamo Campos.

Photo from Tamo Campos.


AGE: 24

This year, the Starfish Canada is pleased to name Tamo Campos our Top Environmentalist under 25. Regardless of his family ties to David Suzuki, Tamo has made his own name in the environmentalism game at the age of 23.

As a young athlete and aspiring snowboarder Tamo founded Beyond Boarding, an environmental and humanitarian activism group to raise awareness about issues impacting all corners of the world – from the headwaters of the Amazon, to First Nation’s groups in Northern BC. 

Tamo recalls the impact that Beyond Boarding’s first project had on his sense of urgency and his understanding of the interaction between social and environmental issues. “[The project] was about international development done locally. We showcased the area through film by involving local communities in impoverished areas. Our project largely draws in different audiences – snowboarders and youth with snowboarding of volcano craters in Patagonia. Seeing massive floods in these areas hit me personally. I came home and saw how fossil fuel development in BC contributes to the problem and it inspired us to take environmental action.”

Raising awareness through film is something that Tamo has discovered a takent for in his work with Beyond Boarding. His most recent project “Northern Grease” has been featured at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival and the Tofino Film Festival. The movie embodies one of the core lessons of environmental activism through its frank and honest presentation of the issues inherent in the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline paired with the fun-loving, thrill-seeking perspective of a professional snowboarder.

To film the movie, Tamo got his hands dirty – literally. He and his crew modified the engine of an old school bus to run on used vegetable oil. Once they had raided enough french fry stands to fuel the trip, they loaded the bus and traveled 18,000 kilometers around BC, sharing the stories of the communities and people they met along the way. Tamo was so moved by what he learned on the Northern Grease trip that, at its conclusion, he found himself joining in the blockade organized by the Tahltan First Nation against a coal mine that would directly impact the Sacred Headwaters. Tamo took on the role of social media liaison; keeping the police honest by remaining in constant contact with the wider world through twitter and facebook reports of the goings on.

It is for his passion, drive, and success that Tamo received three separate nominations to our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list; and it is for his ability to marry youth culture with issues that really matter (and an apparent ability to have a great time doing so) that The Starfish Canada is happy to award Tamo Campos the number one spot on our 2014 countdown. 

Come see Tamo Campos at our Top 25:Youth in Action event tonight (May 14th) in Vancouver! Click here for more details.

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