Julian Tennent-Riddell is campaigning for cleaner energy solutions.


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Photo from Julian Tennent-Riddell.

Photo from Julian Tennent-Riddell.


AGE: 23

Julian Tennent-Riddell is a Trent University graduate that has already distinguished himself as an incredible environmental leader. From the Trent University’s fossil fuel divestment campaign and intervening against Enbridge’s Line 9 to inspiring and mobilizing youth, Julian has definitely lived up to his belief in a multi-pronged approach to creating change.

Julian’s interest in the environment began with his exposure to the outdoors as a child, during family canoe trips. In grade twelve, an environmental studies class sparked his interest. In this class, the teacher encouraged the students to not only learn about environmental issues but also act on them. This lesson led him to pursue Indigenous Environmental Studies at Trent University.

He has also been highly involved in the Trent University Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign, organizing and promoting a referendum, which showed 76% of students to be in favour of divestment. Additionally, he wrote and presented a proposal to the university’s Board of Governors, who has said they are now seriously considering the issue of the university’s investment in fossil fuels. He has also been working towards a roadmap for the university to reinvest elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Julian is also a co-founder of the Peterborough Coalition Against Line 9, where he has not only organized community events, but also attended National Energy Board Hearings as an official Intervenor, after six months of planning and research.

In September, Julian plans to attend the University of Ottawa’s Common Law JD Program to continue to advocate for environmental justice and Indigenous rights.

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