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Photo from Robin Tress.

Photo from Robin Tress.


AGE: 24

Personal sustainability is a common characteristic of environmentally minded individuals; those committed to change find ways to build upon this trait. Robin Tress is always conscious of her personal sustainability while working to strengthen the environmental and climate justice movements. With a deep understanding of societal movements and the need to build resilient communities, Robin is not willing to compromise her beliefs under any circumstance. This confidence and resiliency has fuelled her initiatives and has contributed to significant change in Atlantic Canada. Robin’s enthusiasm, tireless work, and ability to motivate youth has placed her in the 9th spot in our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 for 2014.

 Robin’s latest role as the coordinator of PowerShift Atlantic required an incredible amount of planning, motivation, and oversight. In just four months, Robin and the PowerShift team managed to organize over 500 people who lived across four provinces and were of multiple different backgrounds. Robin managed 20 core volunteers as well as over 100 speakers and facilitators. Through PowerShift Atlantic, Robin was able to teach attendees practical skills for activism and organizing, strengthen the climate justice movement by connecting many moving parts, and harnessing the power of people to create a sustainable future. Generating support and participation from the wide range of participants is a challenging task, but Robin’s dedication and leadership created a sense of solidarity and a potential for change.

Robin recognizes that youth must be leaders in environmental movements as it is their future at stake. To motivate young leaders, Robin has been involved in Wings of Change, a youth climate justice education program that teaches the fundamentals of climate justice and collective action to middle and high school students. Her ability to connect with young students is an important stepping stone to encourage youth to join the movement. Within four years, Wings of Change has reached over 4,000 students and continues to expand. Currently, Robin is working to shape the program into a tool for teachers to use in the classroom.

At the age of 24, Robin possesses the willingness, vision, and devotion to tackle climate justice issues. Her effort to educate youth and empower individuals across Canada is a testament to Robin’s eagerness for change. The Starfish wants to congratulate Robin on placing 9th on our Top 25 this year. Robin’s national impact is an incredible accomplishment and we look forward to hearing about her future successes!

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