‘All the Time in the World’: Disconnecting to reconnect.


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Image by Stephanie Keeney | flickr.com

Image by Stephanie Keeney | flickr.com

Technology is often glamorized because of its countless benefits, which many of us rely upon heavily. All The Time In The World challenges this idea by highlighting the chaos and disconnectedness that encompasses the world we live in.

This documentary tells the story of a family of five who leaves the comforts of home to live remotely in the Yukon wilderness in search of a simpler life. Suzanne Crocker, a family physician turned filmmaker, her husband Gerard, and their three children (ages 4, 8, and 10) set off to a small wood cabin only accessible by boat or snowmobile, with no electricity, running water, internet, television, phone, clocks or watches.

“To get the freedom of time again, we had to free ourselves from the structure of time – and see what would happen.” – Suzanne Crocker

The film presents a unique perspective, filmed without an external crew, and shares the family’s journey over the course of their nine-month adventure. The film showcases who they are, allowing you to share in the emotional highs and lows of their journey with them. The openness and honesty of the family is remarkable, making it a delight to watch them transform as they reconnect with each other and nature.

Throughout the film, we are constantly reminded of how we often postpone truly important things due to a perceived lack of time, whether it be time with friends, or family, or simply taking the time to relax and unwind. Creating time for the things that are genuinely important must be done now, not later – because later may never come.

The film also highlights the importance of being present in the moment. The emphasis on children’s need for love and attention from their parents was profound and showed how the family connection made this unit strong and loving.

Ultimately, this film will leave you reflecting on what is important in life. It may even leave you seeking change – perhaps a simpler life yourself.

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