2018 #SFTop25 finalist – Eva Wu


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Photo: Parks Canada/Sebastien Molgat

Photo: Parks Canada/Sebastien Molgat

HOMETOWN: Toronto, Ontario
TRADITIONAL TERRITORY: Unceded Anishinabek (ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒃ), Haudenosauneega (Iroquois), and Huron-Wendat territory.
AGE: 21

Eva has an incredible desire to create change that pushes her to develop platforms that inspire others to make environmental changes. Eva seeks to make sustainability more accessible and economically tangible for everyone. 

Photo: Parks Canada/Marie Isabelle Rochon.

Photo: Parks Canada/Marie Isabelle Rochon.

Last year, Eva was one of the Youth Ambassadors for Parks Canada. She and Co-Ambassador Kim Mathieu worked to increase diversity and accessibility for Canadians to access Parks, conservation, and citizen science. They put new ideas to the test, launching new podcasts, a short documentary series and community outreach projects that generate opportunities for youth and young families.

She is presently involved with Myko Social Score Platform, a non-for-profit at McGill University that focuses on researching and generating public engagement. Their app uses theories of human collective intelligence to bring our impacts within a global perspective. 

The platform develops a reflexive, real-time signal of each individual’s impacts, allowing for change in habits and actions to mitigate the world’s collective ecological footprint.

This app will not only enable large populations to behaviourally diverted towards ecologically sustainable habits, but also seeks to allow Myko to generate funds for sustainable projects. 

Eva implements public outreach projects for Myko, developing fundraising and engagement plans for the release of the new app. Myko is the basis of Eva’s Honours BSc dissertation on the technological implications of renewable resource management.

Photo from Eva Wu.

Photo from Eva Wu.

Eva’s other initiative is North in Focus (NIF), an organization that uses photography and outdoor recreation to reduce suicide and decrease stigma in the Canadian Arctic, a region with one of the highest rates of youth suicide. 

The organization is led by youth and focuses on connecting youth to on-the-land cultural activities for healing. This is then captured and shared with the entire community through photography to further bring these stories to life.

Eva’s unwavering determination for success led to increased mental health awareness across Nunavik and Nunatsiavut, with workshops aiming to start this summer in Ulukhaktok, Inuvialuit. 

The organization is also a laureate of the 2017 Arctic Inspiration Prize, Youth Category for their project Nunavut, Our Land Our People which seeks to develop a mental health toolkit for the territory. This was made possible with support from their long term supporters at Students on Ice and Mitacs.

Although NIF does not specifically focus on environmental issues, Eva ensures that the importance of nature and on-the-land activities for increased wellbeing are included in all the programs and advocacy she is a part of. Eva shows perseverance, inspiring the same in others that have the opportunity of working with her to do all that they can to make an environmentally positive impact.

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