Top 25 winner: Abnash Bassi


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Abnash Bassi fostered her positive relationship with the environment growing up in British Columbia. Since those early experiences, she’s led by example, creating a template for other students to follow and taking an active role in the curriculum that was being taught to her.

Abnash has frequently volunteered for a variety of school and community cleanup projects and preservation initiatives. She assisted in fundraising campaigns and spent time volunteering for environmental awareness presentations to students, staff members, district leaders and school trustees.

Her aim was to spread the sustainable word further than the reach of her own high school community. In 2016 Abnash presented at the Delta Green Environmental Symposium, in the same year, she and two of her peers were awarded first place in the National ‘Young Reporters for the Environment’ (YRE) competition.

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She attended the 2017 Delta Green Conference in order to promote sustainability and encourage youth to take action throughout the lower mainland of Vancouver. That year she was also invited to make a presentation at the 2017 United Nations 9th World Environmental Education Congress conference.

In the consecutive year of 2018, Abnash became a student ambassador of the Climate Action Champions program which gave her the platform to present to over 20,000 students throughout the lower mainland expanding her outreach. She also presented at the North American Association of Environmental Educators Spokane Conference.

Abnash revitalized the Delta Youth Sustainability Network in a way that helped mentor leaders from all elementary and secondary schools throughout the district to spread initiatives and campaigns with a ripple effect. Abnash’s programs caught the attention of several lower mainland school districts to help implement similar frameworks and programs.

Her leadership was described as inspiring and transformative. Her vision was growing beyond the clubs she led and her work directly promoted participation among youth in environmental initiatives. She wishes to expand her sustainable horizons to studying renewable energy, as a result of her hardwork and valuable contributions to her community she earned the prestigious Loran Scholarship to do so at the University of Toronto.

Abnash continues to employ her skills to connect with her community and build relationships in her first year by participating in Engineers Without Borders and the U of T Aerospace Team. She marched with her peers during the September Climate Strike in Toronto and will continue to build a network that employs the sustainable vision she is helping to map out for the future.