Meet our Starfish Change-maker: Abhay Sachal


 |  Starfish Changemakers

“We are all one. Protecting the environment is critical to protect humanity and everyone on this planet.“ – Abhay Sachal, 2021

Abhay Sachal has been a leader within The Starfish Canada community since he was named a Top 25 Environmentalist Under 25 at just 16 years old in 2017. Since then, Abhay has served as a Top 25 judge, attended numerous Starfish Canada events, and is currently a speaker on Diversity in Environmentalism and Environmental Education for The Starfish Canada’s Speakers Bureau. When asked what he appreciates the most about The Starfish Canada community, Abhay stated that he “loves how everyone in The Starfish Canada community is so open to supporting one another. There is so much knowledge and expertise among every year of Top 25 Environmentalists that I am able to learn so much from”. 

Residing in Surrey, British Columbia, Abhay finds inspiration from the people around him who are always doing amazing things for the environment. Abhay is passionate about environmentalism because of his belief that we are all inextricably linked with our surroundings in the natural environment. According to Abhay, “we are all one” when it comes to protecting the environment.

With this passion at the core of his advocacy work, at just 14 years old, Abhay founded the organization Break The Divide. Now with over 15 chapters across the world, Abhay and Break The Divide are committed to fostering empathy, promoting narratives of optimism, and employing local solutions and social connection to inspire youth to take action against the climate crisis. On top of this, Abhay continues to make a difference through his public speaking engagements, which focus on the importance of optimism and local action when tackling the climate crisis. Abhay is also dedicated to employing acts of sustainability in his daily life by making the commitment to completely avoid red meat over the past year. When asked about how he has grown as an environmentalist, Abhay credits The Starfish Canada community for “providing [him] with a community to learn from and develop [his] skills as a communicator and leader”.

When asked what advice Abhay would offer to other young environmental leaders, he offered this piece of advice: “ask questions! There are so many incredible people in the environmental field that you can always learn from. Ask others how you can grow as a leader, and people will always be happy to give you advice about how you can grow your impact”.