Let’s vote for our climate


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The Starfish

Climate conditions are becoming harsher in British Columbia. We encountered countless wildfires, extreme heat and glaciers melting in this past summer. Heatwaves are more frequent than the last decade; wildfires are destroying both nature and our habitat; the weather is becoming more extreme throughout the year, with more unpredictable and irregular rainy seasons. So, what can we do other than living more sustainably?

Voting in the upcoming federal election is one of the easiest, yet, most influential decision that you can contribute to our environment. Electing the right government can help kick start and catalyse climate actions and responses. Even if you are not interested in politics, you can still be a climate voter and help our country to navigate climate issues better. Apathy is one of the biggest barriers for environmental changes as the society lacks authority to help drive policy changes. Remember, every vote counts!

Before you vote, make sure to research what each political party delivers and what are their proposed policies and actions towards climate change.

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