International Women’s Day – Empowering women’s participation and literacy in climate change


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Advancing gender equality in the context of the climate crisis and disaster risk reduction has been one of the global challenges in the last decade. Women, girls, youths and vulnerable populations were not part of the climate change conversation due to a lack of literacy, opportunities and traditional societal roles. Without equality, we won’t overcome the hurdles to achieve a more sustainable future.

By recognizing and celebrating women’s participation in climate change and sustainability initiatives, we can promote and motivate more women, girls and vulnerable populations to step up and have a voice in the decision-making process. In honour of this year’s International Women’s Day – ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’, let’s explore some of the platforms and resources that empower women’s participation for our sustainable tomorrow! 

School Girls Unite

School Girls Unite is a youth-led non profit organization in Washington D.C and has been supporting womens’ education for over 15 years. Anika Manzoor, the co-founder of School Girls Unite, started her journey at 12 years old after noticing the injustice in her homeland, Bangladesh, where kids are begging for spare change outside of luxury highrises just to survive another day. Since then, she launched School Girls Unite, the Youth Activism Project’s first campaign, and helped thousands of girls to access education through the scholarship program.

Sustainability Network

Serving for over 25 years, Sustainability Network is one of Canada’s leading hubs for strengthening environmental leadership among the non-profit sector. Through collaborating with government, foundations and corporations, they launch and scale environmental programs and projects to expand and evolve the industry. They offer various programs to empower ENGO (environmental non-governmental organizations) leaders to help smaller environmental organizations grow and flourish. They will be hosting workshops on social changes and lobbying elected representatives throughout March and April so don’t miss out on that!

Talk Climate to Me

Talk Climate to Me is another platform that provides climate literacy sessions and team-based climate education courses for women across Canada. The course empowers women’s participation in catalyzing climate awareness and motivates more women to join the climate conversation. It provides an accessible, supportive and non-judgmental space for participants to learn and share their opinions on different climate topics. They are currently accepting applications for the March cohort so make sure to check out their upcoming cohort and follow their social media to get the latest info on their supplementary sessions!

The Starfish Canada

Last but not least, The Starfish Canada’s Top 25 Program! The Top 25 program has provided youths with a platform to showcase their achievements and contributions in the sustainability sector. We have celebrated over 200 individuals in the past 10 years on their fantastic projects and initiatives from different backgrounds across Canada! With the mentorship and funding opportunities, the winners are able to further develop their projects and expand their connections in the sustainability field. 

Providing women the literacy and platform for decision making is a crucial step for us to take. We can’t achieve and advance gender equality without everyone’s support, so make sure you spread the word among your communities and bring awareness to the IWD 2022!