Loose Ends: Part One


 |  Poetry

Butterfly Powder

Velvet, silk, chenille, and lace, 

when shaken,

produce a thick powder most commonly found on the wings of butterflies. 

It tastes dry and sweet, 

crumbling and tumbling over 

soft amaretti cookies.

For this piece, I conducted a close study of moths and the stories they inspire. When magnified, moths look like they have powder on their wings (more information here: https://www.sciencefocus.com/nature/whats-the-powder-on-a-moths-wings/). I thought it was interesting that moths are often thought of as unappealing, while most people seem to love butterflies, a creature of the same species.

Thanks for reading poem one in our first-ever poetry series in The Starfish Canada Youth Journal! We are so excited to now be sharing alternative forms of content with our readers including poems, drawings, graphics, photo journals, and much more. Stay tuned for poem two in this series coming out August 30th.