Loose Ends: Part Three


 |  Poetry

Tempest into a Teacup

I piled hopes and dreams onto my toast, 

swallowing mouthfuls of honey with sickly sweet regret. 

The label wrapped around the jar has a delicate illustration of a lavender sprig. 

“Organic Honey” is scrawled across the front in messy handwriting. 

Fluorescent aisles contain stacks of plastic containers. 

Their labels depict anthropomorphized cartoon bees, 

willing me to rescue them. 

Their honeycomb is pillaged 

and they are left without sustenance for the long winter ahead. 

We’re told, “Island adventures are miles away.” 

Bees swerve through the long grass,

stopping to rest on the wildflowers.

Waves crash against the shore below. 

I stirred a tempest into a teacup.

This piece is partly a reflection on my early childhood, which was mostly spent on Protection Island, near Nanaimo, British Columbia. I was also inspired by the wonderful idiom, a tempest in a teapot (or a storm in a teacup) which refers to a small event that has been exaggerated out of proportion.

Thanks for reading poem three in our first-ever poetry series in The Starfish Canada Youth Journal! We are so excited to now be sharing alternative forms of content with our readers including poems, drawings, graphics, photo journals, and much more. Stay tuned for poem four in this series coming out on September 1st!