Loose Ends: Part Four


 |  Poetry

In a Century 

The Earth emits a rosemary glow,

we seem to remember: our time is borrowed.

Tasting bitter hazelnut and acrid apple blossom,

clinging to our ever-lasting bloom. 

Heads forever buried in the sand,

losing our carefully constructed dreamland.

Lost in misty idleness, 

our self-assurance is libelous.

The things we miss,

each Sunday brings an interwoven,

silken web of friendly exchanges. 

This earth was set in seed long ago.

My work in climate justice advocacy inspired me to write a piece illustrating some of the willful ignorance that we exercise when learning (or, perhaps, not learning) about the climate crisis. Although this issue has become more prominent in recent years, it can still be very difficult to conceptualize (especially on an individual level). The ending line is a reference to Octavia E. Butler’s “Parable of the Sower”.

Thanks for reading poem four in our first-ever poetry series in The Starfish Canada Youth Journal! We are so excited to now be sharing alternative forms of content with our readers including poems, drawings, graphics, photo journals, and much more. Stay tuned for more alternative content coming soon!