Youth Leadership Labs

Placemaking in Victoria, BC

Empower Young Voices in the City of Victoria!

Youth are often left at the fringes of decision-making processes—even when it comes to building the spaces and places we want them to enjoy and love. That’s why The Starfish Canada and Aryze Developments are excited to launch the very first cohort of the Youth Leadership Labs program in the City of Victoria.


This pilot program will bring 50 youth (ages 13 to 30) together to provide input to new plans for a timber-based community park – a first of its kind for the city!


Through 8 weekly virtual workshops and collaborative sessions with leaders across the Capitol Region, young people will collectively learn about sustainable city planning and apply those lessons to foster a city that brings community together.


About Aryze Developments

Aryze is committed to increasing the quality of homes and communities in Victoria, BC. Using traditional building methods, innovative construction technologies and intelligent design, they deliver thoughtful living environments across a full spectrum of housing types.


The Timber-Based Community Park Project

Together, we will explore how creative thinking around our built environment can promote a shared natural environment that brings community together. Youth Leadership Labs participants will have the opportunity to apply key learnings from the workshops that will positively inform how the planning, design, and management of public spaces are achieved in their community, and help bring plans for a community park to life!


Why Participate?


Setting the Foundation for Change

Community parks and natural spaces are only one part of an inclusive and thriving city. We expect to replicate this project in the future with other various community-based projects and partnerships across Canada.


We need your support

Support Youth Leadership Labs from anywhere in Canada! Your contributions will support The Starfish Canada in our critical mission to empower young people at the intersection of environmental, sustainability and justice.


Youth Leadership Labs is supported by REFBC and the Victoria Foundation