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Membership Code of Conduct


The following Code of Conduct was adopted to allow the organization to preserve its credibility and integrity with readers and within the environmental community.  

This code applies to all directors, staff, volunteers and internal stakeholders and is intended to provide high-level principles, rather than behaviours or answers to specific ethical questions to project a truthful image of a well-organized, respectful and collaborative organization.

Conduct Principles

Board members, staff, volunteers and other internal stakeholders to The Starfish Canada shall:

  1. Act at all times in a way that is consistent with the organization’s mission, vision and values. 
  2. Ensure work is based on sound science and research and that such work is not destructive or carrying malicious intent to a person or group of persons.
  3. Ensure the confidentiality of any sensitive or personal information about the organization and its stakeholders, especially its clients. This promise of confidentiality shall endure in perpetuity, including following the individual’s tenure with the organization.
  4. Disclose immediately any conflicts of or pecuniary interests, and remove themselves from the decision-making on that issue. If uncertainty exists, it is the individual’s responsibility to raise the question to management or the Board.
  5. Honour our commitments either by meeting them or by communicating the inability to as soon as possible.
  6. Listen to stakeholders and strive for excellence in meeting their needs in an utmost professional way.
  7. Not act in ways that compromise the organization’s relationships with its stakeholders (such actions shall be considered conflicts of interest). 
  8. Carry out the work of the organization in a responsible, truthful, and transparent manner without personal bias. 
  9. Acknowledge and appreciate others’ contributions to the organization. 
  10. Utilize the organization’s resources only in ways authorized by the organization’s management, and not for personal gain or for affairs external to the organization’s business.
  11. Represent the organization in an official capacity only to the extent to which they have been authorized. 
  12. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  13. Not accept gifts (financial or in-kind), either in the present or as future promises, other than occasional gifts of nominal value that are consistent with standard ethical business practices.


The Board of Directors is responsible for communicating this Code of Conduct to all internal stakeholders to the organization and to ensuring it is respected. Board members, committee members, staff and volunteers shall confirm in writing that they have read and agreed to this Code within one week of their election, nomination or hiring. 

Breaches in conduct shall be reported to the Chair of the Board and discussed by the Board of Directors. Stakeholders who fail to abide by this Code shall be in breach of contract and subject to sanctions.