Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25: Nominations are OPEN!. Deadline: November 10, 2022.

Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25

"There are so many people who will support you and what you’re doing so don’t be afraid to reach out and spread the word." - Natalie McIntosh, 2021 Top 25 Winner

Nominate yourself or someone else!

2022 Nominations Are Open!

Every year we strive to showcase the best in Canada’s youth environmentalism, but we can’t do it alone! We need your nominations so we can continue empowering youth across Canada to create lasting and impactful environmental change.

Fill out the nomination form here. You can nominate yourself for this award or nominate someone else who you believe is making a difference in the environmentalism space. Not sure what an “Environmentalist” is? Check out this brief article to get a better idea.

The Starfish Canada values an environment that is not only free from discrimination, but that is also proactively inclusive. We encourage individuals from under-represented groups to apply and welcome nominations for all those who dedicate their time towards preserving and honouring the environment, whether that be through an environmental project, or as part of your way of life.

We will only accept one nomination for each individual. Please note that multiple nominations will not increase the likelihood of winning for a Top 25 candidate.

If you have any questions about our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 Program or the application process, please email
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Celebrate Canada’s Next Generation of Inspiring Leaders!

From coast to coast to coast, young people have been inspiring and leading the environmental movement with their creativity and passion. It is a fact that young people feel the climate burden at large, and may not feel the impacts of their hard work in their communities and on our planet.

To see the beauty of their love and care for the environment, the Top 25 Program celebrates and rewards these young leaders for creating positive change in their communities by sharing their stories through a national platform. We need your nominations for uplifting, supporting, and amplifying youth leaders who are working hard to create a better future for us. Winners have come from all over the country and are as young as 8! Do not miss this opportunity to nominate yourself or someone in your community! Nominations close on
November 10th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST.

Winners get…

We would love to have you join our community and support your passion! Do not miss this opportunity to nominate yourself or someone you know who is doing incredible environmental work!

Over A Decade of Youth Empowerment

Since 2010, the Top 25 Program has amplified and connected over 300 environmental youth leaders and inspired hundreds of applicants to share their stories and build relationships in the social impact space. Past Top 25 winners have come from different age groups and varied backgrounds, such as artists, photojournalists, climate strike organizers, social media campaign leaders, organization founders, and TEDx speakers! To learn more about past Top 25 winners, please visit:

Check out some more of their incredible stories:

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