Children’s Storybook Project

In this multi-day workshop, we bring children’s creativity to life by letting them tell their story of environmentalism. Using art, workshop participants create a story that represents their environmental journey, then paint the pictures that create a storybook they’ll take with them. It’ll be a story to tell their grandchildren.

Check it out!  In collaboration with Markham Public Library, we’re proud to offer the amazing work done by the youth of Markham, ON in our inaugural storybook project.  Download the interactive ebook Lots of Trees, and Views of Main Street’s Past, Present and Future through the Eyes of Markham Youth by clicking the link below.

Format: In-person indoor/outdoor activities; didactic learning; mini group projects; family-centric art exhibit   

Suggested time allocation: 4 hours 

Suggested grade level: Grades K-12

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