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Our Workshops

Engaging environmental workshops for elementary and high school students

Unique & inspiring lessons for your classroom

Our workshops, offered virtually and in-person, include unique activities that inspire students to think on a global scale while keeping local issues in mind. These sessions are a toolkit for youth to become solutions-oriented thinkers and interdisciplinary communicators.

Our workshops  educate and empower youth and young adults to be conscious leaders within their own communities, showing them that positive change is possible. It’s important to expose young minds to different environmental issues and how each story is a thread in the tapestry of our social, economic and political world.

“Using an equity-diversity-inclusion lens to their inquiry-based thinking framework, [The Starfish Canada] provides powerful and rich learning opportunities for students and teachers.” – Veni Rajkumar, Principal, Macklin Public School (Toronto, ON)


Our workshops are tailored to the age group and needs of each classroom and can be done virtually or in-person (if in Southwestern Ontario). We will work with your classrooms to ensure these sessions match your current curriculum and lesson plans. Click through each of the sessions below to book a workshop.  Note that we carefully and meaningfully create our very own digital tools for each workshop. All content is learner-centric and aligns with the curriculum, teacher’s needs, and is tested with our youth advisory board.  

Our Available Workshops